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Notes for adopter

The process of becoming a dog adopter is very simple :

All procedures and costs will be done and paid by us.
The dog will have dog-passport, Micro Chip, all health certificates and everything else.
Our messenger hands out the dog to you in the public area of an international airport.
You are NOT involved in any customs procedures.

When you have the dog....

1. Do not cage the dog at home, use lead when outdoors.

2. Vaccination is needed every year and monthly the following has to be given :
      HEARTGARD : Plus (Ivermectin/Pyrantel)
      FRONTLINE : Spot On  
3. Adopter needs to be over 18 y.o. and must have agreement of all family members to make sure he is accepted by the whole family.
    If  under  18 years, please ask an adult to make  the adoption.
4. Love the dog till the end; do not abandon it for which reason ever.

5. Agree to sign a warranty paper and keep in contact with us.

Need Dog Guardian

You only need to provide us with the photocopy of your passport.
Meet us 2-3 hours before departure on the day of travel.
All the dogs' travel expenses will be on us.
As you walk out through arrivals you will be met by the new foster family and local volunteer picking the dogs up.

We urgently need people traveling from Taiwan to Vancouver, LA, SFO or Frankfurt airport.